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Music has always been part of Fabrice Muvunyi’s life. Known to many by his performing name, BurnOne Breeze, he started rapping around the age of 12, but he got really interested in developing his musical career at the age of 17. He has collaborated with talented rap and hip hop artists like Spud Boom and Go Yayo. On his latest album, “In BurnOne I Trust,” BurnOne Breeze collaborated with artists, HoodRichPablo Juan and Tr3 Black to continue developing his rich sound that combines layers of instrumentals and percussion with engaging lyrics that tell the stories of everyday life.

Born in Rwanda on December 4, 1992, Fabrice immigrated the US with his family as a refugee at the age of five, settling in Grand Rapids, outside of Detroit, Michigan. At the age of 17, Fabrice and his family relocated again to Fort Worth. Having enjoyed music of all kinds throughout his youth, BurnOne’s career really started to develop after he moved to the DFW Metroplex. Having learned and grown through his experiences with many cultures and listening to the stories and music he’s encountered along the way, BurnOne’s music is unlike anything else you’ll hear. From wavy, melodic sounds to heavy percussion, the layers of music and complex rhymes make his music engaging. He encourages new listeners to give his music a listen and let the hook speak for itself.

The music of BurnOne Breeze may be compared to Yo Gotti and Young Dolph, but the complex sound is truly incomparable. Combining his own sound and style in collaboration with some of the best talent in the industry, BurnOne Breeze has created an original sound and developed a dedicated fan base both locally, in the DFW Metro, and across the country. His latest album, “In BurnOne I Trust,” continues to deliver surprising and engaging music coupled with complex, intricate rhymes that tell a story you’ll want to hear with an album you’ll listen to again and again.

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Throughout the course of his musical career, BurnOne Breeze has won over the hearts of hip hop lovers from young to old. Performing at a variety of venues, such as the Music Factory, Royal Castle - Colorado and Venue Shrine - Okalahoma, all the while recording new singles and has earned the fans every where he lands.

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